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How to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube channels are a prodigious mode to build an audience/fan following and get lots of reward from. Some of the established channels grow millions of views every month from producing modest videos! YouTube is a very competitive marketplace, but it holds the capacity to give everyone a unique voice. To grow your name and even grow a channel with millions of views and hundreds/thousands of subscribers on it, you can learn on this page, how to start a youtube channel, or how to open a Youtube channel.

You can start a successful Youtube channel in simple ways, by following some easy guidelines provided in this blog.

  1. Plan your creations- Before even making your YouTube channel, you must have undoubtedly previously absolute on the kind of video content that you are going to represent. The best ways to increase your viewership and subscribers is to keep your videos entertaining, unique, educating, trending and of supreme camera presence. The more inspiring viewers get your content to be, the more likely, they’ll want to engage with it and watch until the end.
  2. Stick to a theme- If you are wondering on how to start Youtube channel and make money, you must dedicate to a category such as technology, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, cooking, travel, gaming, DIYs, education etc. Most successful YouTubers have a YouTube channel specifically maintained in these niches. You can play to your passion, enthusiasm & strengths by showing your expertise/viewpoint and easily find your target audience. This way you can get your channel promoted in the ranking by relevancy purposes. Viewers will also get to know what to expect from your channel. Additionally, you can spy on competitors and reconnoitre their channel, and learn from their experienced presentations. Successful YouTubers can also become your source of inspiration. The best way to grow a successful Youtube channel is to become an authority in a particular subject/niche/industry. Following this mechanism, you can gain a large number following.Many YouTubers buy subscribers to begin their journey successfully.


  1.  Create a custom thumbnail   - Now, let me tell you the powerful Tips for starting a youtube channel. You must formulate a compelling thumbnail to your channel. The thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures/still images or short videos, used to help in recognizing and identifying videos of a particular channel, Increasing its click-through rates significantly. In the phase of digital images, you can use an amusing facial expression, brand logo/name or screenshot from your video as a thumbnail image. The perfect thumbnail size is 1280 × 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels, and the ideal ratio for YouTube players and previews is 16:9. Maintaining the accurate size, you can add readable and highlighted text with contrast background colours to attract viewers more toward your channel. According to Youtube 90% of successful videos have custom thumbnail. So, what are you waiting for? thumbnail clutches viewer's attention more, so go ahead to make it to boost your success via more viewership


  1. Be consistent, once you started- You must produce regularly, no matter how improper you are. You will soon develop into a professional Youtuber, if you keep practising/rehearsing your techniques, scripts, editing tools and use the best available equipment for a great camera presence. Successful YouTube channel owners produce content on a schedule, so viewers know when to switch to their channel. Consistency helps generate the flow of views, specifically once you gain a number of active subscribers. You must upload the inconvenient pattern that is suitable for you.


  1. Improve by Analysing- To see analytics on Youtube, login to your Youtube account. Then, click on your profile image in the top right corner. Select Youtube studio. From the channel dashboard, click on analytics, in left-hand menu. You can see the overview, reach, engagement, audience and revenue performance of your channel. youtube analytics signifies how appealing your titles are, and how clickable your thumbnails are. You can check the click-through rate for your channel as a whole. If your CTR is low, that means your thumbnail is not eye-catchy and attractive enough to increase your click-through rates. You must determine the other metrics, Watch Time and engagement. The more watch time and engagement your videos get, the more likely YouTube algorithm is going to promote your content in search rankings. Reviewing analytics, if your average view duration is above 60%, you're doing a good job, and it gives you the authorization to try experimenting with longer videos.


I hope, you have understood the concept of Youtube create new channel well. Kickstart your success journey now!


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