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YouTube can help you with valuable, useful and actionable content, content is found quickly and engaged with. Today, I am going to uncover 5 major fundamentals to grow your Youtube channel by which you can get the relevant traffic fast and definitely more subscribers. You can buy YouTube subscribers as well, who are real people and active YouTube users to grow your channel but that will be a secondary thing if you implement the following steps.


1. DISCOVER AND STICK TO A SPECIALISED NICHE – According to oxford dictionary, niche is a “A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.” Select a niche according to your knowledge, information, profitability and stick to it. Your niche can also be linked to your ideal target audience with whom you can directly interact. Categorize your videos, as YouTube's creator academy suggests marketers to go through a comprehensive process to determine which category each video belongs to.  If your niche is esoteric and specialized, it can capitalize on your distinctive skills, unique talent, credibility, knowledge and represent you as a brand. Marketers will definitely opt you for your particular specialization for placing the Ads on your channel. You will be an influencer of a particular niche, which is a great way of YouTube channel growth. Youtube will also associate your videos to a particular category for suggested videos / to be ranked in searches.

2. UPLOAD CONSISTENT VIDEOS TO YOUR CHANNEL - Produce/publish regularly and try to post at the same time each day or week (depending on your production frequency), keep your subscribers with updated information regarding your subject of specialization and engaged, and about when your new videos will arrive. Consistency is the key to build a successful community for your channel and also the answer to the question- how to grow a YouTube channel fast. By following a pattern/schedule, a Youtuber can promote his/her videos to a wider target audience and leverage their channel to rank higher with Youtube’s algorithm. Youtube rewards consistent channels by pushing them higher in SERPS, recommended lists and hence they generate more revenue by selling ads on these videos.

3. USE YOUTUBE SEO TO OPTIMIZE YOUR VIDEOS Youtube’s algorithm use click-through-rate (CTR) as a ranking factor/signal as well.  As a huge video distributing and publishing site, Youtube will promote your video, if people click more on it, making SEO an important contributing factor to your YouTube subscriber growth. Here are some steps to optimize the quality of your video content, using YouTube SEO techniques and become one of the fastest-growing YouTuber.

  1. Select a clear and concise title- According to author Brian Dean "Using your target keyword in your title may help you rank for that term." Therefore, definitely insert one or two relevant keywords naturally in your video’s title.
  2. Search for relevant keywords- Keywords are the phrases/words used by the people in search engines. SEO tips rely on identifying a keyword and promoting your content correctly, use these appropriate keywords to reach your target audience, using Google search suggestions, YouTube search suggestion feature, Instagram search suggestions, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends.
  3. Add a compelling description to your video- According to Youtube “write full descriptions, up to one to two paragraphs. Some creators only use their social media links in the description, potentially missing out on a lot of extra views.” Youtube officially recommends long descriptions, and a creator must front-load the description with the most important information in the first few lines. Utilize keywords here as well.
  4. Formulate an attractive thumbnail- Thumbnails are the reduced size versions of images/short that represents your video. Youtube recommends the use of images that are 1280x720 pixels -- representing a 16:9 ratio -- that are saved as 2MB or smaller .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png files. You can add a brand name, logo, or your face so that your audience can more easily recognize your channel and keep engaged with it. This is especially important for bloggers; fitness, life, or business coaches; demonstrators and solopreneurs.
You can use some Youtube SEO tools to optimize your video for search. For example- Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Canva, HubSpot Content Strategy, VidIQ Vision, TubeBuddy and Cyfe.
A. Give your audience the utmost preference, a call to action to persuade, ask them to like, comment, give suggestions, share with friends and subscribe to your channel. This is the best way to grow YouTube channel free.  After, communicating with them you will get access to their taste and preferences. Then, you can make the necessary replacements and innovations to your channel.
B. Reply all the comments on your video to keep your viewers engaged.
C. Heart all the positive feedback and ignore the negative comments.
D. Organize Q/A sessions
E. Interact personally to build engagements and promote your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
F. Hold exciting contests and giveaways to make your viewers dedicated and loyal.

5. ADD YOUTUBE CARDS-Audience can be easily taken to channel’s another video by involving additional recommended videos at the exact point where they are currently drooping off, which helps in increasing your channel’s ranking and helps to grow your Youtube channel like a pro.

By using these 5 fundamentals, you can grow YouTube channel fast. Feel free to share.

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